Quezon City: 170 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City 

Quezon City: 170 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City 

How does the Philippine government work?

How does the Philippine government work?

Are you confused about this election?

Do you know your votes for, this May?

The wall is too loud. All those comments, there are a lot of colors.

They only talk about the election.

But sometimes, with all of the comments for each candidate, you are the one who'll be stressed out.

You might not know what will you believe in.

And worse, you yourself, do not know where to be at.

You know that your vote is important but you don't know anything, you don't have the tools to know who's fit to vote for.

Yes, that's true.

Sometimes we go with, who is the loudest, who is the most famous and who I always hear about.

But you might feel that might not be enough true to be

able to make an educated decision.

So guys, in this series, we will be starting a new series for

Legal Guide and the intention is to give you tools to give them what?

Tools, for you to decide properly this election season

It is better for you to understand the power that you hold

By voting and your role in all of this.

Very important because this is our opportunity

to build our nation.

This is a big responsibility for our citizens to vote for the upcoming leaders.

The least that we can do as a legal guide is to arm you guys with the knowledge and tools for you to understand who you are voting for.

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a nonprofit organization that provides research, policy formulation, advisory, and public communication to create government policies guided

by science and research.

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Now go make better choices.